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Welcome to The Blog of Dan Foster

All the information you didn't ask for & never knew you wanted to know!

Now that I've said hello to the world, it’s time to briefly introduce myself - in 3rd person no less. In the event you have stumbled upon this place by accident and do not know of the Hollywood actor known as, Dan Foster, allow me to introduce myself. Dan is a Bay Area born Californian of Spanish-American roots, raised with Samoan and Danish influences. His love for the theater at a young age led him to a career as a voice actor. His time in the kitchen with his mother kept his creative juices over-flowing off stage and into his cooking. His passion for making all the world a stage drove him to help make the world a safer place. With an open mind and artistic upbringing, the inquisitive Dan Foster ventured to Los Angeles in pursuit of love, an education, and a career in public safety, which eventually circled back to acting. Now he's sharing his passions, his hobbies, and experiences HERE in a cool, casual, easy to digest format. Thank you for reading.


~ Dan Foster


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