Daniel R. Foster was born in San Francisco. He grew up in a diverse household, immersed in the Bay Area's eclectic, creative arts community, surrounded by performing and theater. Inspired by a family member involved in Alameda's Children's Musical Theater (ACMT), it did not take long for Dan to find his way to the stage. At nine years old, he started at ACMT where he would continue acting, singing, and dancing until high school. In high school, Dan was involved in theater from his freshman year, through graduation.


Dan can be seen on camera in films like, Collision by Tiffany Rhodes. His voice has been heard on the radio, in television, film, animation, VR, and in video games. Such as, Professor Huxley and various others in, That Monster Show, and in the original VR animated series, NightMara as Mayor Doesgood and Sgt. Libo. For your interactive video game enjoyment, he can be heard in Amazon Games New World as Holt Hutchison, Commander Maximo and Ariel Gideon, you can wrestle him in WWE 2K22, in Genshin Impact he is the voices of Sea Drake and several Fatui Skirmishers, Space Scoundrel Danzaburou in SMITE, various dreglines in Demon's Souls, and Nikola Tesla in Goosebumps Dead of Night. Fantasy podcast fans can hear him in, Seminar and Mage & Machine. Television and radio commercials, including Brinks Security and CapCenter. His ADR/dubbing resume includes American Made, with Tom Cruise (NBC/FX), Costa Del Sol, and Little Switzerland (Netflix). For more see credits.

Fun history lesson, Dan is the great grandson of Spanish character actor, Juan Calvo, who immigrated from Spain to Mexico to continue his career in television and film with his two sons who also followed in his footsteps; Dan's grandfather, Manolo (Manuel) Calvo and his uncle, Armando Calvo. 

Dan is a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community. He identifies as He/Him and supports diversity and authenticity in the entertainment industry. He enjoys adventure traveling with his partner, time in the kitchen with new recipes, as well as a lazy day on the couch with his best friend, Max the dog.  

Image of actor, Dan Foster