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An Interview with Dan Foster: TWIP #122

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July 5, 2020

"TWIP is a weekly round-up of Pendant's shows, featuring news, interviews, preview trailers and generally more than you probably ever wanted to know about Pendant Productions!

The content of TWIP varies and may, at times, contain adult language and themes.

The Pendant Shakespeare's 100th episode is only a few weeks away! How cool is that? (very) We're playing a bit of Director Shuffle, and there's a good amount of dereliction of duty 'round these parts. We've got exclusive preview clips of The Pendant Shakespeare's "Troilus and Cressida" act V part 1 and "Mage and Machine" episode 7, and Jordan and Dan Foster discuss Marilyn Manson, being V. O. Curious, and closets full of emotions!" -


Pendant Audio was kind enough to invite me to sit down and chat all things VO with Jordan Gottlieb. Or as he puts it, “Discuss Marilyn Manson, being V. O. Curious, and closets full of emotions!”

It was around July 2015, I happened upon a voiceover blog by Joe J Thomas. He listed several opportunities one could explore if they were looking to get their feet in the water, at which time, I was. One thing led to another and I auditioned for Pendant’s anthology show, Seminar. That audition led to my first episode. Seminar #66, Phoenix, by Colin J Kelly.

Thank you Pendant Audio's - Tilly Bridges, Susan Bridges, VC Morrison, Kat Pryde (Alice), Adin Rudd (Zerosh), DX Blink, Anjali Kunapaneni - (Kai), Garen Fitzgerald (Mack!), the whole Mage & Machine cast & crew.

I am eternally indebted to the voice over pros who have helped pave the way for the very, very young hopefuls like myself. I couldn’t name drop nearly the amount of credit due for the knowledge I’ve gained by way of so many. But here’s a few!

Mel Blanc. John DiMaggio, Joe J. Thomas, Raquel Brussolo, Kalmenson & Kalmenson, Rob Paulsen, Cristina Milizia, GVAA Community, Bob Bergen,Mick Wingert, and the countless coaches and industry leaders who lend their time for classes, webinars and workshops.

Join me as I go Southern, Christopher Walken, get choked up, get really real, and get to talking to myself. Find out my favorite pizza topping(s), favorite Muppet, Disney film, and fav WB character!

I hope this little chat proves insightful to the studying voice actor. I’m thankful to each and everyone mentioned here and then some for their individual gifts along my journey. Especially mom.

Episode #122


"There’s a lot of people inside this body of mine, so forgive me.”

~ Dan Foster‬


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