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How You Can Help Ukraine

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I know what you might be thinking, what business does a Hollywood actor have with the people of Ukraine? If we had time for such silly questions I could ask why you even bothered clicking this far. It's my website, my blog, and my choice to help defend the sanctity of humanity for all, and for all it is worth. Besides, if you're going to write about something, why not let it be about something you're passionate about.






How You Can Help...

The people of Ukraine


What You Can Do to Help the People of Ukraine

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Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, more than 160,000 civilians have been internally displaced, there have been over 200 casualties, and millions are currently in need of critical humanitarian assistance.

I'm angry about this. I'm sad about this. But more important, I want to do something about this. Yes, I am an actor and this is primarily an actor's blog. But as an advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community, I am out and proud to support my queer family. As a humanitarian, I proudly support the independent nation of Ukraine.

I understand not everyone is able, or comfortable donating money. Maybe you "don't even want to get involved." Therefore all I ask of you is that you please consider sharing this blog and/or any of the resources below to your friends and family. Some information maybe redundant, if you do not feel comfortable donating money, there are plenty of alternatives to lending your support to the people of Ukraine. If you have a recommendation for this evolving list, please email them to me here.

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  • GET EDUCATED. This war is moving fast and everybody is talking about it. If you want to hear the news from actual Ukrainians on the ground, I recommend The Kyiv Independent. They're on Twitter, now Instagram and they've got a website. This is independent journalism, in English, around the clock.

  • TAKE POLITICAL ACTION. Tell your Congress people that this war is important to you, and tell them what you want them to do about it. If you don't tell them, they're not going to act. Right now, a big move would be for NATO countries (and we are one of those) "to close the sky" over Ukraine and provide major help for their armed forces. There's a petition you can sign, it just takes a minute and there is also an option to donate.

  • DONATE MONEY. If you have money that you can spend here, I recommend donating to the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund. This is a GoFundMe, and the money goes to nonprofits working on the ground in Ukraine right now.

  • Support Ukrainian small businesses. Many of you have found already Ukrainian artists on sites like, Etsy or Ukrainian rental listings on airbnb. Buying digital art, or renting a room you have no intention of staying in, just to help someone keep their lights on is a direct way to help.

  • Donate to Razom for Ukraine (Razom means “together” in Ukrainian; this org is not military but is helping on the ground by providing medical supplies) - and read more about the current “SOS” effort.

  • If you’re an over-achiever who likes to write letters, go here.

  • Support Ukrainian small businesses. Many of you have already found Ukrainian artists on sites like, Etsy and airbnb. Buying digital art, or renting a room you have no intention of staying in, just to help someone keep their lights on.

This list of resources was generated with the generous help of Writer, podcaster, and director of Best of Five: The Tetris Champions, Chris Higgins.


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